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Copycat Violence Art Collective

"Far from ordinary, the drivers of Copycat Violence are a worldwide collective of efflorescent, elegant,
and simultaneously visceral visual artists. Working together to bring the cutting edge in figurative and narrative artworks in the form of group and supporting independent exhibitions, this collective excels in redefining
​the exquisite and encouraging the extraordinary. "

Tokens of Love, our very first online show, opens right here at on July 9th.  The show will run on our website until August 1st. All pieces will be available for purchase with easy check out. The pieces are shipped directly by the artists. We couldn't be more excited to bring you this 1st annual show.  For more information please email

                                    Copycat Violence Art Collective Artist Members

Alex Garant -Amanda Stalter - Brynn Elizabeth - Catherine Moore -Chris Bodily -Dean McDowell -Ellen Wilberg
Emi Slade -Ingrid Tusell -Faye Osman - Happy D - Helena Reis  - Joshua Coffy - Julia Gabrielov - Kamille Freske - Kmye Chan • Bella Harris - Kristen Ferrell -  Laurie McClave -  PeeMonster- Maria Teicher - Matthew Dutton - Megan Buccere - Marjolein Caljouw -  Melissa Hartley  - Peter Goode •-Patricia Ariel - Ryan Myers - Stephanie Law -Tracy Lewis 

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